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    Questions and answers about the "BImSchV"

    What does BImSchV mean?

    The federal immission protection regulations (Bundes-Immissionsschutzverordnungen ; BImSchV) regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany that particularly serve protection from harmful environmental effects due to air pollution (emission). In the innovated first stage of the BImSchV, which has been in force since March 2010, the first emission limits for fine dust and carbon monoxide have been determined for single-room combustion units, such as chimney stoves.

    What effect does the BImSchV have on my present chimney stove?

    The first stage of the BImSchV specifies that chimney stoves that were built before the regulation entered into effect (that is, before 22 March 2010), may emit up to 0.150 mg/m³ of fine dust and 40 mg/m³, monoxide. If these emission limits are complied with, the furnace may continue to remain in operation. If the furnace does not meet the limits, it has to be retrofitted with a fine dust filter or shut down. The legislator has specified generous transfer periods for this. They are: 

    Time of type testing (according to rating plate)

    Time of retrofitting or shut down

    Prior to 1 January 1975 or year of type testing no longer determinable


    01.01.1975 – 31.12.1984


    01.01.1985 – 31.12.1994


    01.01.1995 bis 21.03.2010



    How do I learn what emission values my chimney stove has? 

    » emission levels – overview: skantherm-chimney stoves



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