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    From kindling to tinder.

    Which kind of wood is best for firing? Why do you have to contact the chimney sweep? How do you calculate heat output?
    If you are interested in a fireplace, you will have to know and observe many things.
    skantherm offers well-structured advice and has collected the most important information for you here in the Wiki.
    If you cannot find the information you need, feel free to contact us personally.

Wiki All about fire and flame

CO2-neutral heating

Only a few people know: heating with wood ensures a balanced CO2 balance, because trees emit the same amount of carbon dioxide as during the rotting process in the forest.

Wood storage

The right wood storage guarantees untroubled pleasure of your stove – especially in fall and winter.

Lighting a fire

A true art: Fast and smoke-free firing of the chimney stove.

Cleaning of the stove

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your stove ensures a long-lasting enjoyment of the fire at home.

Norms fulfilled

No playing with the fire – thanks to strictest standards and safety requirements our stoves offer wholehearted heat and coziness.

skantherm thermostone

Long-lasting heat even if the embers are already extinguished – thanks to the heat storage elements made of thermostone.

Window flushing

No chance for soot deposits on the glas pane thanks to the clever air flow design.

Maintenance of chimney stoves

The maintenance of chimney stoves is required by law.

Firewood quality

Each kind of wood has different characteristics – which kind of wood is particularly suitable for lighting and firing?

Disposing of the ash

Regular disposing of the ash ensures an improved air-supply and thus an optimal combustion.

Low wood consumption


State-of-the-art stove technology ensures a optimal energy utilization and low wood consumption.

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