• Step 01 The right chimney



    The chimney makes it possible. The chimney is the "motor” of every chimney stove, and therefore the most important prerequisite for comfortable evenings by the fire. Even if your building has no matching chimney yet, you do not have to do without a comfortable fire. Subsequent installation is easily possible.

  • Step 02 Contact the chimney sweep – the specialist knows what is important



    Please observe that the chimney stove is subject to reporting obligations and must be accepted by your district chimney sweep before first commissioning. Therefore, we recommend that you talk to your chimney sweep before connecting the chimney stove.

  • Step 03 Choose the right rated heat output



    Chimney stoves differ not only in looks and design, but also in their rated heat output. It plays an important role in selection of your chimney stove as well. It is the heat output/heat emission that can be achieved in permanent operation. Only by choosing the right rated heat output will you avoid over- or underheating your rooms. It will allow you to achieve your personal wellness temperature. The demand is not according to the overall area of the building, but mainly according to the area of the room in which the chimney stove is set up. For older buildings, 1 kW is assumed per 10 m² room size. The demand for new buildings, passive and low-energy buildings, however, is much lower. 1 kilowatt per hour is often enough to heat 15 to 20 m² of living area here.

  • Step 04 Room-air independent or room-air dependent – everything via fresh-air supply



    Usually, the residential room provides the oxygen needed for combustion. In particularly tight building situations, as they are present in very well isolated buildings, this is, however, not warranted. In this case, you may draw in combustion air from outside or from a different room (external fresh-air supply). All skantherm chimney stoves are equipped with external fresh-air supply.

    Room-air independent operation – tested and certified: many of our chimney stoves are also room-air independently tested and certified by the DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik). The room-air independent operation is prescribed by law, e.g. For use of the chimney stove in particularly tight buildings in rooms (in low-energy and passive buildings), since increased requirements are posed to the tightness of the chimney stoves there. Coordinate with your chimney sweep on what is necessary.

  • Step 05 Statutory requirements



    Setting up the chimney stove. The chimney stove must be set up under compliance with the applicable national and European standards and the local provisions! To make sure that your chimney stove is connected according to the applicable provisions, contact your chimney sweep before installation. He will also tell you about the locally applicable provisions and grant the permit required for operation after correct installation of the device. Please observe that operation of the chimney stove is subject to reporting obligations in Germany! Outside of Germany and in the EU, deviating provisions may apply.

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