• Regular maintenance



    According to the chimney sweep crafts act, the chimney stove must be inspected by your relevant chimney sweep at regular intervals. This chimney stove inspection is performed every 3.5 years or twice within seven years. Additionally we recommend that all moving parts (such as door, supply air socket, connection pipes) are examined at regular intervals.

  • Maintenance of DIBt-certified chimney stoves



    Chimney stoves that are DIBt-approved and thus suitable for use with a controlled ventilation and venting system, must be regularly inspected for tightness of the unit and connection pieces! Particularly the seals, if required the ash box, door, closing mechanism and smoke pipe socket, etc. must be examined for damage.

  • Fire chamber lining



    The fire chamber of your skantherm chimney stove is lined with vermiculite to protect the stove body from overheating. Occasional cracks due to temperature fluctuation will not impair the performance of your chimney stove and do not constitute a defect. The vermiculite lining needs not be replaced until pieces start to fall out. Since the elements are simply laid or put inside the stove, you will be able to easily replace them yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact your authorized skantherm dealer for further details.

  • Hinge and locking mechanism



    Use high temperature resistant lubricants (e.g. with the so-called “Montage-Spray” of the brand “BALLISTOL”) for annual maintenance of all moving parts (hinge and locking mechanism) at least once a year in order to extend the service life and smooth moving of all moving parts.

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