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    Storing wood correctly

    Firewood should be stored dry and whether-protected to warrant clean, efficient combustion and achieve a low wood consumption. Burning moist wood will not only lead to a bad fuel value, but also to strong soot formation and thus put a high strain on the environment.

    We have a few pieces of advice for proper storage of firewood for you:

    -        To dry better, it should be stored in ready-to-use pieces (logs).

    -        The wood should not be put right on the floor, since this will accelerate rotting and thus render it useless as fuel. Use, e.g., a pallet or crossbar as an underground.

    -        The wood should be protected from direct rain or snow (e.g. by a tarpaulin). The wood must not be covered completely, since this would prevent moisture from escaping.

    The precise residual moisture of the wood can be determined by a moisture meter. The residual moisture should not exceed 20% (in ideal case 15-17%).

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