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The optional integrable catalyser (currently available for »elements 400 3S« and »elements 2.0«;
further models to follow) reduces gaseous emissions particularly effectively.


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We promise you:
here you will
feel warm
all over

We promise you:
here you will
feel warm

With passion, ambition and more than 35 years of experience, skantherm has developed into one of the market leaders for modern fireplaces. The family enterprise from Oelde in North Rhine-Westphalia has repeatedly shown itself to be a leader in innovation in the market for design-orientated fireplaces.

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400 3S

400 3S

The compact three-pane model »elements 400 3S« perfectly allows an all-round fire view in a smaller space.


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a fire

The correct

In order to ensure emission low combustion as well as soot free glass panes while the fire is burning, we recommend that the wood be burned from the top to the bottom during the heating-up phase. In addition to ordinary split logs, a so-called firelighter module is needed.
This module, for example, consists of 4-6 dry split fir tree logs with a diameter of approx. 3 x 3 cm and a length of 20 cm as well as a firelighter such as wax impregnated wood wool. Make sure not to use oak for lighting your fire.
Move combustion air control to “full air supply” position before opening the shaking grate (depending on stove type).

Put the split log into the fire chamber. If the fire chamber geometry is large enough, the fuelwood can be arranged crosswise.
Then place the firelighter module on top of the split logs. The bottom split logs of the firelighter module are to be positioned diagonally to the top split logs.

In narrow and high fire chambers the split logs are placed against the fire chamber backwall in an upright manner.
Wide fire chambers with little depth are to be filled with the long side facing forward.
Sufficient distance between the logs is important and should be around one centimetre.
Then, light firelighter and close the door.
The fire will now slowly spread from the firelighter module to the split logs. This method offers the advantage of smoke free combustion.
And it will take some time before you will have to put another log on the fire.

Our tip:
In order to accelerate the heating-up phase, you can leave the door ajar for some minutes*.
This will provide more oxygen to the fire.

(*this does not apply for stoves certified for room-air independent operation)

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A place
of warmth


Here, fire is at stake

Upon entering this house, one is first of all welcomed by a hearty laugh of a child. And very shortly afterwards follows the inimitable aroma of freshly roasted coffee rising into one's nose. »Espresso«,  Anna corrects one straight away, smiling. As owners of a small, cosy coffee roast bar and with two energy-loaded children, she and her husband Tom know only too well how a strong coffee made of fiery-roasted espresso beans can save a whole day. That is one side of fire that Anna and Tom love so much: its fiery heat for roasting coffee.


The other is not on the kitchen table, but is the centrepiece of the living room: the "elements" fireplace in the most family-friendly of its countless setup options. As a really cosy and spacious sitting area, it is a permanent and completely natural part of family life. "It is a place to play, argue and laugh!" The entire family helped to design the fireplace – and thus the practical and pretty storage space elements (which have cushions on them and thus invite one to sit on them) are filled not only with wood, but also with books and toys.

The modern design, the absolute flexibility of the modular system and the undisguised view of the fire – for Anna, that makes »elements« the ideal fireplace. Or as Tom expresses it: »Almost a real member of the family.« The fireplace also fascinates the two kids: »The children love to collect wood with their dad and pile it into the boxes.« If, afterwards, they fall asleep tired, the unthinkable happens: Anna and Tom actually have their favourite spot for themselves alone for a brief time.

35 & 38 years,
owners of a coffee roast bar

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Warmth. Aesthetics. Power.
A single element
with so many




Fire is the original energy source, a real power packet. The same is true of »ator+«. Its relation to the classic »ator« is unmistakeable, with the same natural look.

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