Committed to the Bauhaus tradition, the design trio Rolf Bürger, Cornelius van den Hövel and Gerd Scherbinski-von Volkmann succeeded in creating everyday objects in a new sophisticated and sensu­al formal language. Akantus will always be design made in Germany, original, objective and convin­cing through highest functionality as well as supe­rior material and manufacturing quality.
  • Akantus Zio


    Fire and air –

    »zio« turns both elements into

    a pleasant room climate.

    This chimney stove is equipped with a large water evaporator, that ensures a balanced wellness climate in operation. The black, cylindrical body matches many room concepts perfectly, just as its operating elements match the stove and its wood chambers. »zio« thus draws all looks.

  • Akantus Ivo


    The shape of »ivo«

    is straight-lined and consistent.

    This is »ivo«: the compact chimney stove offers a generously sized combustion room door, which lets the power and wildness of the flames shine through. The shape of »ivo« is straight-lined and consistent, but as strong as the element raging inside. The skantherm classic with its steel look thus manages to carry a little of its inner strength outside to positively charge its environment.

  • Akantus Solo


    The attitude of life “Fire”

    moves to all directions

    »solo« perfectly presents fire. Sitting by the chimney stove, looking into the flames and thinking or discussing with others – the feeling that is made almost tangible by the optionally turning furnace chamber. »solo« places fire just where you want to enjoy it.

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