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    Producing comfort, heating CO2-neutrally and spreading beautiful shapes and elegance around the room. All of these expectations are met by a skantherm chimney stove with its high-quality design coordinated with every single model in a comprehensive development process. The utmost principle is that everything that puts form, technical function and absolutely good design into perfect symbiosis is our method of choice. We closely cooperate with the renowned designers who firmly believe in the same philosophy. Together, we not only win many design prices by this, but also many customers.

Interview with Prof. Wulf Schneider




Prof. Wulf Schneider

»Product development is not that one single idea while showering, it's the hard work to get the tiniest detail right.«

Element »fire«

SKANTHERM:   Dear Prof. Schneider, your objective is developing design, architecture and responsible milieu design for instead of against people. In your work to date, you have designed office areas, social buildings and furniture. How much of a challenge was it for you and what was the decisive reason for you to develop a chimney stove for skantherm while dealing with the element of fire?

PROF. SCHNEIDER:   I can afford to work only with the subjects I am interested in. The first and foremost are the twelve human senses. The third edition of my book "Sinn und Un-Sinn" on this subject is about to be published. Fire and light are highly interesting subjects to people in general and to me. A fire product for skantherm is an interesting subject aspect here.

 Story of origin »elements«

SKANTHERM:   Prof. Schneider, skantherm charged you with developing a new chimney stove for the company. Please provide us with a brief insight into the story of origin, from the first idea to handover to the company.

PROF. SCHNEIDER:   The most important phase is that of finding an idea. Innovation, long-term suitability and sensual orientation must be evident here. Good cooperation with skantherm's corporate management and the specialist departments is another important item that must be positively included in all development steps from fine planning to naming to catalogue design. All parties involved, product development and vendors alike, must support the product. This positive feeling will also be felt by the customer through the product.

Product development is more than just an idea under the shower. It is intense work to the minute detail.

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